For an entrepreneur this could be a first thought before s/he takes on the journey of setting up a venture. Well, you first need to define what a problem is. Ironically a problem for one could be a solution for another. There are various factors at play like Geography, culture, economic development, etc. that give birth to problems. For some regions on the planet scarcity of food could be a problem whereas for some regions obesity from abundance could be the reality. For some people it could be long walks to get the food and for some it could be long walks to digest it. I am not taking a stand here against either of these problems in a judgmental way though.

Digging deeper we should realise that the scope of problems could range from the micro level personal, family, community, city, etc. to problems related to the planet and and finally the universe. It sounds a bit strange to me as naming the universe as the largest of them, but that's what our limited knowledge says so far. Any discussion on problems is totally diluted if solutions are not discussed alongside. It's another line of discussion whether all problems can be solved or need to be solved. As per Buddhism life itself is a problem, though not in a derogatory sense but from the perspective of suffering. Whether that can be solved is now a matter of perspective

The purpose of this discussion is to initiate some thinking on problems. That's it.